Friday, April 18, 2014

Early Cadillac Cars

Founded in 1902 a Cadillac car represented a vehicle of quality and beauty from the very beginning, and over the years Cadillac has produced some of the most attractive cars ever built in quantity. Powered by a 10 horsepower single cylinder engine the first Cadillac models were head-and-shoulders above the competition, and the result was almost immediate public acceptance. The first enclosed vehicles can be traced back to the Cadillac cars of 1906, and a few years later circa 1912 Cadillac introduced an electrical system that was quite advanced for the era enabling light features and starting systems that vastly improved the driving experience.

1903 Cadillac Model A Tonneau

1905 Cadillac Model E

1907 Cadillac Model M

 1908 Cadillac Model G


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